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Congratulations to Read Aloud Revival!

I received a teaser announcement from Sarah Mackenzie this morning concerning the launch of her own imprint for children’s picture books, called Waxwing Books. I find this super exciting because I greatly value her perspective, wisdom, down-to-earth grace, and humble attitude. Her first book is scheduled to breeze in by summer 2022 closely followed by the second in the Fall. The third book is to make its debut in 2023.

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Prayer: Of One Who Is In Business

Lord, You have prospered the labor of [her] my hands and have given success to [her] my undertakings. Oh, kind and gracious Father, grant me always a grateful heart, that I may never forget how completely unworthy I am of all the mercies and of all the truth You have shown Your servant. Grant me a lively sense of my responsibilities and obligations, which You have placed upon me. Deeply impress upon me the need of remaining humble, of trusting not in wealth or material goods but in You, the living God, and in Your Son, my only Savior. Keep me mindful that You who have so richly given me all things to enjoy, can quickly take away all that I have. Teach me, O God of love, to be rich in good works, always ready to help my brothers and sisters, ever willing to contribute, according to my ability, toward the building up of Your kingdom, both here and abroad. By the power of Your Spirit, help me to store up treasure not merely upon this earth, but especially in heaven, which Christ has procured for me by the payment of His precious blood. Amen.1


  1. Lutheran Book of Prayer. 2005 Concordia Publishing. Prayers for Our Neighbors, Our Family, and Ourselves. p.209.

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