The Wise Woman

George MacDonald’s The Wise Woman, also known as, A Double Story is a timeless, moral fairy tale rich in virtue. How can arrogant and entitled parents raise a child to be selfless, patient, caring, and kind?

As she grew up, everybody about her did his best to convince her that she was Somebody; and the girl herself was so easily persuaded of it that she quite forgot that anybody had ever told her so, and took it for a fundamental, innate, primary, first-born, self-evident, necessary, and incontrovertible idea and principle that she was Somebody. And far be it from me to deny it.

Download the free kindle or eBook from Project Gutenberg.

For the month of May, Christian Audio is offering the audiobook for The Wise Woman for free. (An account is needed to sign-up in order to download. Christian Audio offers a different title each month.) This title has been on my wish list for a year!

Christian Audio – Free Download May 2022

I know that most homeschooling families are wrapping up the school year, but consider a reading this aloud to your families, either while on the road to summer vacation destination (5 hour listen) or for your local summer reading program. If you are still planning literature studies for the next homeschool year, consider purchasing Stacy Farrell’s literary analysis companion: The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Journal Questions. Available for purchase via Amazon or her website.

by Stacy Farrell

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