A Study of Poetry

A Study of PoetryTitle: A Study of Poetry
Series: Anthology of Wonder #4
Published by: Melanie Chelpka
Release Date: 04/30/2021
Genre: , ,
Pages: 683
ISBN13: 978-1-7367990-3-1

A Study of Poetry: #4 Anthology of Wonder Series is a collection of 125 narrative, dramatic, and lyrical poems with annotations from a Christian Biblical perspective. Complete with an elementary “Let’s Practice” using a familiar patriotic ballad, examples of stylistic techniques with definitions, how to analyze poetry, and a glossary this book is sure to provide a stimulation of thought and form. A Study of Poetry contains the known greats such as Yeats, Longfellow, Tennyson, and even perhaps a few less familiar poets like Alexander Posey. This collection cultivates critical thinking and promotes a Christian worldview. It is an educational resource intent upon developing the novice’s burgeoning appreciation with questions after each poem to explore thematic concepts with scripture references, songs, hymns, and ancillary readings. This study is designed for general readers, group discussions, book clubs, young scholars (grades 6-12), and homeschooling families. The whole family can read aloud together while gently stretching their imaginations from famous poets around the world. Hopefully, this collection will help those who are indifferent to poetry be more inclined to love it and those who find poetry pleasurable to love it more.


Let's Practice: "America the Beautiful" by Katharine Bates

How to Analyze Poetry

Elements of Poetry

Stylistic Techniques: Schemes and Tropes



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