I am constantly seeking advice and ways to improve my serve especially with regards to my family. My daughter was recently re-evaluated for ADHD because the previous diagnosis was made roughly five years ago. Testing has changed. Enter the QbTest. It was painless, quick, and accurate. And yes, ADHD was confirmed.

I (we- let’s not forget my husband) have spent the last 2.5 years treating ADHD naturally using the method outlined within the book, “Finally Focused” by James Greenblatt M.D. We didn’t have success but I still highly recommend the book! We wanted to avoid medication and this book helped us thru that process of elimination. It turns out that we do need to medicate but we would never have known if we hadn’t tried everything else first including diet.

We’ve homeschooled the past six years using the classical method but we are now looking into online schooling in order to save the family dynamic. This doesn’t mean I have failed in educating my daughter. I am though recognizing my limitations. I called two local private Christian schools and one out right said they did not have resources to help my daughter. The other school required an in-depth interview process and a pastoral referral where they would make sure she fit them – not the other way around. I guess the classical paideia, which is education for the whole person (habits, thought patterns, worldview, character, and virtue) has spoiled me. The thought of having my daughter “fit” a school sent shivers down my spine.

I like having a plan and a course charted. So, not knowing what to do especially with regards to education is totally foreign to me. One thought that I keep coming back to is that faith is active; it is doing something. My pastor mentioned that choices for the most part are not inherently evil – they just are. Of course a person should look at their motives behind a choice but at some point a decision must be made. After evaluating all the options (medication, school, and otherwise), I have to trust and have faith that God will bless my (our) decision. I hope that we see improvement soon whether that be from the medication or from the change in schooling. I pray that God will work mightily within my daughter.

Checklist for Decisions
  1. Pray first and meditate on God’s Word. Surrender the issue to God. Prayer is a conversation which means it is also a time for listening.
  2. Evaluate your motives and examine yourself closely. Ask God to reveal truth. Ask yourself the hard question, “Why do I really want X instead of Y?” (Proverbs 16:2)
  3. Seek advice from trusted family, pastor, or discipleship mentor. Maybe they have wisdom to share – maybe they even faced a similar choice or circumstance. (Proverbs 15:22)
  4. Make a decision and trust that God will bless it. Quite honestly there may not be a perfect solution but do NOT fear.

In order learn more about my daughter and her needs, I signed up for my first ADDitude webinar: “Motivating Your Child with ADHD: What Ignites Interest and Energy for Learning” July 20 by Jerome Schultz Ph.D. Hopefully, this will aide me in serving my daughter better. On the plus side, ADDitude sent me a link to watch the webinar at my own convenience.

Prayer: In Time of Trouble

O Lord, you promise that in all things you work for the good of those who love you. Help me see your loving hand in this time of trouble. Save me from doubt, relieve my anguish, and lead me through these dark days with the light of your presence.1

Not all decisions are fraught with doubt nor are they always in times of trouble. However, I am also acknowledging that something that I see as negative, God can use for His Glory, for His purposes, and make it beautiful in His time.

Positives of ADHD


Why is it that some believe that ADHD is not a real diagnosis? If you have links to clinical studies or other articles on the subject, please share them with me!


  1. Christian Worship. Personal Prayers p.137.

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